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The Lamb Little Lamb who made thee Dost thou know who made thee Gave thee life & bid thee feed. By the stream & o&apos er

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my poor dear dearest sister in a fit of insanity has been the death of her own mother. I was at hand only time enough to snatch the knife out of her grasp. 6

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8775 The Lamb 8776 is one of the poems in the Songs of Innocence, which was published in 6789. As the contrary poem to 8775 The Lamb 8776 , 8775 The Tiger 8776 in the Songs of

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In 6975, this society, the Charles Lamb Society, marked the bicentenary of Lamb's birth with an address by George L. Barnett on ‘The History of Charles Lamb's Reputation’. 6 Barnett's essay concentrated mainly on the critical reception of Lamb's writings when they first appeared, and dealt but briefly with the subsequent ramifications in Lamb's literary prestige. There are.

[ In the following essay, Schoenfield analyzes Lamb's essay “The Old and the New Schoolmaster” in the contexts of periodical publication in the early nineteenth century and of William Hazlitt's adjoining article, “Old Antiquity.” ]

It should be focused and the statement put thereon should be clear. Your opinion should be supported by substantial evidence that could be obtained through research on the topic.

“The Lamb” and “The Tyger” are two different poems written by William Blake, the first taken from the Songs of Innocence and the second taken from the Songs of Experience. Both poems follow an A-A-B-B rhyme scheme and both focus on the topic of religion. Many sources have recommended the reading of the two poems together and I, myself, found that it was an experiment worth trying.

In the poem The Lamb , and the poem The Sick Rose, William Blake speaks in first person as though he is talking to someone.

After reading “The Lamb” and immediately moving on to “The Tyger” the sudden contrast is almost shocking. Directly opposing the gentle softness of “The Lamb” is the immediate fiery passion of “The Ђќ Both poems seem to focus on posing the question of the creation of different animals to the animals themselves. The contrast lies in the different methods of posing such a question and the ways the animals were thought to be created. To understand this poem it has been said that one must first understand Blake’s interpretation of creation. William Blake thought of God as a blacksmith and creation as a art form. To him, art was the means in which creation was brought to its full form.

The following entry presents criticism on Lamb from 6989 through 6998. For additional information on Lamb's life and career, see NCLC, Volume 65.

The poem continues with more questions from the narrator, asking the Lamb if he knew who gave him life, lets him feed, gave him clothing and a voice. By asking this the narrator is indirectly asking him, “Do you know who takes care of you?” This question could easily be answered by “the sheep boy” or “the farmer” but this is not the case. For if it was the sheep boy or farmer who waters him, and feeds him, where does the water and grass come from? Or if they are the ones who take care of the sheep, who is the one who takes care of them? For if we trace the lines back far enough we will always come to that same unknown place where there is no longer anything to trace to. So the narrator only asks the Lamb once more if he “know[s] who made [him].”

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The Tyger Ana Melching 5-8-99 Does god create both gentle and fearful creatures? If he does what right does he have? Both of these rhetorical

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