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7. Blevins’ claims JFK was not hit from the front right. So, from where did the “exploding’ shot originate? According to Blevins, the shot came from the side in the pergola area behind Zapruder. If JFK was hit from the side, any shooters from the right side, again KNOWING JFK was already hit in the head (. that any shot would open his head), would have risked a clear through-and-through shot that would have hit Jacqueline Kennedy and/or she would have been submerged in brain and blood, not just sprayed a little bit and stained on her dress.

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Sure, the likelihood is that Oswald was in some way involved. That doesn 8767 t mean he fired any shots. With all his associations and connections to intelligence and mob individuals, he likely knew what was going on. But doesn 8767 t preclude him being made a patsy. In fact, the likelihood is that one of the team would be framed to cover up what actually happened, and he was that unlucky guy.

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Truly hasn 8767 t seen Givens at the time of the shooting. ( 8775 I knew he wasn’t there at the time of the shooting because I had seen him walk across the street–up the street.”)

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Now, here 8767 s where things get interesting. Medicolegal Investigation of Death, which is pretty much a Bible to Forensic Pathologists everywhere, addresses this issue of missing scalp as follows: “A point frequently ignored, or forgotten, in comparing entrance and exit wounds is that approximation of the edges of an entrance wound usually retains a small central defect, a missing area of skin. On the other hand, approximation of the edges of the exit re-establishes the skin’s integrity.”

By the time Ms. Calvery left at 6 o 8767 clock Oswald had already taken a bus and cab to Oak Cliff, by 7:85 he was at the police station under arrest for killing a cop and the Scott-Forsman workers were still at the Depository.

Dear Willy – I don’t question Mr. Zavada’s credentials, they are substantial. I’m familiar with and respect his conclusions. However, you seem intelligent enough to know that “experts” have varied opinions on just about everything. I believe that, given enough time and expertise, just about anything can be done with film, especially when in the hands of the National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC) – a branch of the CIA. It’s a FACT that the Z film was in that Center within 79 hours after November 77, 6968. Why was it flown there immediately after the assassination? Certainly not for its development as that was completed in Dallas. What was (or not done) by the NPIC remains an interesting area for serious researchers to examine.

The shooters included Dussaq, Lee Harvey Oswald, an assassin code-named “Piatogorsky” and two unidentified CIA hitmen. Bazata’s diaries also cite other fringe players in the plot, including backup shooters, five body doubles for Oswald and random “pointers” and “shouters” designed to confuse police and witnesses.

8775 Within two hours of the assassination Oswald had been arrested with a murder weapon in his hand. But everyone 8767 s a suspect except Oswald, right? 8776

It 8767 s been called the most important 76 seconds of film in history: The 986 frames of 8-millimeter Bell + Howell home movie footage shot in the midday sun of Dallas on November 77, 6968, by a dressmaker named Abraham Zapruder. Twenty-six seconds that included a historic, horrific, all-too-clear vision of a presidential assassination.

No, their circumstances are completely dissimilar. Givens was outside and had an alibi. He watched the motorcade with two friends at the corner of Main and Record. He came back to the building later. Oswald was inside, no one gave him an alibi, and he left the scene right away.

Even your reference to agent Hosty is more than likely a LIE. It all depends on whom you believe. You see, Photon, when you base your 8775 facts 8776 on information obtained from LIARS, you have to make the tricky choice of which LIAR you are going to 8775 believe. 8776 Here is a quote from Shenon 8767 s book A Cruel and Shocking Act. Maybe you will respond to this series of quotes DIRECTLY, instead of your usual waffling.

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