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Biology Science Fair Projects, Ideas, and Experiments

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 21:35

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Hundreds of Science Fair Projects For Students

Protein Synthesis Drama (Submitted by Steve Tester , Alexandria City Public Schools, VA)
For this activity exploring protein synthesis, students are assigned roles and and play different parts of the protein synthesis process. Download the files below for complete details.
Project Worksheets - Protein Synthesis Outline (pdf) and Protein Synthesis Activity Codes (pdf )

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Need more ideas for your microscope unit or want ideas for additional stations? Try these sites.
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Molecular Expressions - Science, Optics, & You

Cells For Kids - Kathi Mitchell

"The biology master's program at GSU gave me a chance to discover my potential, learn my interests, and build a strong foundation that has opened many doors in my career."

Another idea.
Science Wear - Aprons, Shirts, or Lab Coats decorated with cells as well as options for astronomy, chemistry, and more! Thanks to Jody Hodges for developing this great project! Students use permanent markers or fabric paint to create their own attire by coloring the lettering and adding diagrams of cells. Visit her webpage on Facebook for more details and pictures of completed projects!

Due to the fact that there are so many potential options for specialization, many of those who study biology as undergraduates go on to do some form of postgraduate study in order to focus on one division of biology and, therefore, chisel out a clear-cut career path to follow after graduating from a Master 8767 s or PhD program. For those who enter directly into the job field, median salaries are around $56,555 , slightly lower than the mean across all majors.

Some people get frustrated when they realize that the “facts” taught in biology class today might turn out to not be true tomorrow. But it really reminds us of how much we have left to learn.

Plants have developed an amazing variety of strategies to succeed in the struggle for survival. For example, consider how many plants rely on insects or other animals for dispersal of pollen or seeds, and the many different ways this is accomplished. In addition to the science itself, plant biology projects can have practical applications in your garden, with the advantage of generally using readily available materials.

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