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My professor asked a faculty member to become my supervisor. I floated an idea about what area I was interested in working on, and she agreed to keep an eye on me. In terms of a supervisor I couldn’t have asked for anything better. She is patient with me, she knows my shortcomings and she always motivates me even if I am unable to see myself progressing. Having such a supervisor makes this journey very comfortable and easy.

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The latest act in its economic success story may see China achieve high-income status in 65 years, an unprecedented transformation with far-reaching ramifications.


Morgan Stanley Investment Research is one of the financial industry's dominant thought leaders in equity and fixed-income investing. Our analysts, economists and strategists have earned this reputation through timely, in-depth analysis of companies, industries, markets and the world’s economies. Our teams collaborate to assist Morgan Stanley clients with investment decisions, identifying opportunities across major asset classes and geographies.

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Mooney points to five key steps in the market research process: deciding the questions you need answers to, deciding what information you need to collect in order to answer those questions, deciding how you're going to collect the information, how you're going to analyse it, and what you're going to do with the results. This, Mooney said, is critical: "If you ask the wrong questions you could end up getting misleading answers which will then lead to poor business decisions."

Jose Scheuer is a lecturer in business and marketing at the London School of Business and Finance. For her, market research is important because the competition is so much tougher these days. She revealed: "Whereas in the past a small business had competition from other, often local, small businesses and their customers were known, today a small business competes in a much larger field. Not only does it face competition from local as well as international companies, often these competitors are much larger and have greater negotiating power to source and sell at cheaper prices. In addition to this, small businesses face competition from the unstoppable growth from e-commerce."

With a wave of deregulation looking less likely, investors should focus less on the macro and more on how "reregulation" will impact securities and sectors.

Your topic will determine your project. It should be interesting and it should be something that you really want to investigate. So never rely on others for recommendations about what should be your topic of research. Try to read and think a lot and you will find an area of interest. Explore your inner self, even if it takes time. In a few weeks you will start gathering your thoughts and realize what you actually are interested in researching.

Paul Mooney is the director at Blue Orchid , a small business support service. Pointing to the support Blue Orchid offers for startups, Mooney says that a lot of the time they'll ask people to go away and do a lot more market research before coming to them for help. "It's a fundamental thing," he explained. "You need to know if there's a market for your product or service, how much demand is out there, who your potential customers are, what are they prepared to pay, how often are they prepared to pay it and are you going to be able to make money from what people are prepared to pay for your product or service?"

You can refer to the research that someone is doing as their research or their researches. You normally only use researches after a possessive form such as my , his , or Gordon's.

If you must know, I literally had no idea of how to do a research project or how to write a thesis. So I went to my professor and told him about my plans to complete a research project for my final semester. “If students imagine completing a research project in three months, I ask them to come and see me. And they later un-imagine it,” came my professor’s reply.

Starting your market research as soon as possible will save you money in the long run, said Debbie Bray, a director of research and creative development at Morph Research , because you'll be ensuring that you invest in the right sectors and the right products. She said: "If you've got the name wrong, or maybe the ingredients list wrong, that can have fundamental impacts later on."

Eight years after being downgraded to a frontier market, Argentina seems poised for a turnaround, one that offers investors long-term opportunity and returns.

Re-learning how to walk normally is an essential part of rehabilitation, especially for patients who have suffered a stroke. In Slovenia, the University Rehabilitation Institute in Ljubljana is testing a unique robot that not only helps people to walk again but also to regain a sense of balance.

Where can small business owners go to get this information? The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has a wealth of information, added Mooney. "The census gives you fantastic information about the area, about age groups and occupations. The local authority websites are very good as well for getting information about the local population."

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