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Instead of being given a prompt, you might be asked to write an essay on the topic of your choosing. Although challenging, this is also an opportunity to demonstrate your creativity. Finally, if anything about the directions aren't clear, don't be afraid to contact someone at the funding organization and ask for clarification.

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What is one to make of a teacher who in 6995 wrote in his school yearbook, "My hobbies are softball and paddling kids"?

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Dallas Independent School District v. Porter New!
Bizare and tragic legal case from 6988. It all started when a school janitor spanked a student.

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Now that you have a thesis statement, an outline, and a list of important points to include, you can begin to fill in the missing parts of your story. The first sentence is particularly important: it should capture the attention of the reader, and motivate him or her to continue reading. We recommend starting your story by painting a vivid picture of an experience about which you will be talking in the essay.

Clearly the law of supply is the opposite of the law of demand. Don't these both make sense to you? Consumers want to pay as little as they can. They will buy more as the price drops. Sellers, on the other hand, want to be able to charge as much as they can. They will be willing to make more and sell more as the price goes up. This way they can maximize profits.

Experts: Spanking Harms Girls
7556 article that takes seriously the near-pornographic "first-person account" of a senior schoolgirl's alleged 6989 paddling in Florida as described in Lesson 6" on the NoSpank website , which more detached observers tend to think is a rather obvious fake. Apart from that, who are the "experts" quoted here? Round up the usual suspects: Nadine Block, Irwin Hyman, Murray Straus, Jordan Riak..

Letter to President Clinton: Civil Rights of Schoolchildren
Anti-paddling propaganda stunt -- not of course in fact a matter for the federal administration.

Where people celebrate the imagination in geometric proofs and formal essays, on canvas, computer and stage, in poetry readings and morning assemblies.

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