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I stepped down from the bus and stood in front of an old building with broken windows and paint peeling from the walls. I had thought we were going to a clinic and wondered why our guide was leading us into the tattered building. As we walked through the door, I saw a physician running from one patient to another. No one aided him. As soon as he could, he stopped to give us a tour. During a tour of the run-down facility, he mentioned that he had been on duty for almost 98 hours straight. It amazed me to see the effort and dedication he was showing to his patients and to our class. It made me realize that I wanted to help others as he was and I plan to do so by becoming a physician assistant.

Nonprofit Mission Statements – Good and Bad Examples

The Mission of the Foundation is to create, find and support programs that directly help in improving the health & wellbeing of underprivileged children ailing due to cardiac and cancer diseases.

Character reference letters- For friend, relative

This time they were telling me it was going to be different they were always saying this time would be different. I asked them how a small, poorly funded start-up company could go against a giant corporation, which was also the undisputed king of our market, with nearly $955 million in quarterly revenue. After signing a non-disclosure agreement, I was let in on the big secret, the meaning of the &ldquo C&rdquo in the company name: we were going to use recent innovations in carbon nano-tubes to revolutionize the industry. These nano-scopic cylindrical fibers that allow unparalleled circuit density would be David&rsquo s tiny, secret sling.

CV tips, templates and examples for effective curriculum

Yes, your first sentence should be compelling and attention-grabbing, but if you attempt to identify your opening line immediately you will probably induce writer’s block. Make an outline or free write. You can tweak the introduction later once you are more aware of your noteworthy accomplishments or the defining events that have led to your career interests.

The patient’s turnout was not only the result of the PA’s amazing suturing ability, but also because of her warm, personable, reassuring attitude towards the patients—personality traits I both admired and to which I could relate. Looking back, compared to the PA’s stitches, the pig I sutured years ago looked more like I had butchered the pig’s foot. Ever since that day, I’ve yearned to transform that butchered foot into football laces, just like how my sloppy circles evolved into cell cycles and circulatory systems.

Lighthouse Community Center: to neutralize social, economic and environment disparities affecting underprivileged neighborhood. Through public forms, creative and traditional programs. to enhance the quality of life.

I had always viewed death as abysmal and impending believing it was disrespectful to continue living as though the dead never existed. When my cousin, who was like my sister, died, I began to follow my creed and stopped living myself. Grieving, my grades plummeted, twice. That day in the trauma bay, I witnessed and felt the passion, compassion, and determination. More than that, I learned an important lesson about death. The team showed me what a support network during struggle could do, that giving up cannot be an option. My shortcomings became my motivation my experience brought changed perception and appreciation for life and a desire to (here add something that fits for you that’s PA/healthcare related. You’ll have the words to do it).

Employers will be impressed by people who have clearly planned ahead of the rest. Employers will not be impressed by those who've obviously left things late.

It is evident that Yantra not only visited and viewed artwork in the flesh, but had a strong personal reaction to it. It could never be assumed that this segment had been reworded from a textbook: it is absolutely the words of a passionate high school Art student. Although Yantra uses coarse language within her study (something which should be emulated with caution) this project is an exceptional example of an intelligent and personal response to a topic. (More of Yantra’s work, as well as the entire text of her study, can be read in full on the great Julia Stubbs’ website ).

Good Life Philanthropic Youth Foundation 8767 s mission is to cultivate a movement of entrepreneurial thinking and action among at-risk youth, by combining life coaching, financial literacy and entrepreneurial training to interrupt the cycle of poverty, violence and
incarceration in the lives of the youth that we touch!

Short-listed and successful candidates are invariably the people who provide employers with the best CVs and best covering letters.

The mission of
Divine Intervention Foundation Inc. is to serve as a faith based hub for
families and individuals by personally identifying their needs and connecting
them to the many community resources which target hunger, poverty, unemployment
and much more.

I watched in awe as a woman was wheeled into the trauma bay, she had been found unresponsive and eight months pregnant. Able to watch from behind the glass, I was amazed at the calm and fluidity in the room as the team assessed the woman while attempting to revive her. They worked tirelessly to no avail it was evident the woman was not coming back. Now had to deliver the unborn child before it too was lost. Without hesitation, the physician assistant began an emergency C-section. I later learned that he had spent six years prior working in Obstetrics. The pediatric team flew in soon thereafter and with took over. The baby was delivered, revived, and rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

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