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This lesson explains how to describe a line graph or bar chart for IELTS task 6 that is over time. This uses an example of a bar chart, but it will be the same for a line graph.

IELTS Line Graph and Bar Chart Model Answer (Band 9)

Hi Liz,
i just wanted to ask you a question: can this structure be used even when dealing with two graphs in the same task? I 8767 ve been practicing on the books by IELTS and i came across one of those. Thanks for helping.

IELTS Writing Task 2: Opinion Essay with Sample Answer

can i ask you something ?
Do all the figures like graph , column, chart , pie chart must be written exactly like that structure ( Introduction , Overview , body paragraph A , B )

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Overall, there is a significant difference between France and UK for money spending on all consumer goods. Britain consumed far more cars than other any country.

The line graph illustrates the number of UK residents going abroad from the UK and overseas residents visiting the UK between 6979 and 6999, while the bar chart gives information about how many UK residents travelled to five of the most popular countries in 6999. Units are measured in millions of people.

Once more we can glimpse that society does not always oppose a particular 'altered state' society may seek to monopolize the power of that altered state only for is own exclusive, so-called 'normal' purpose. Sanctioned "stark raving madness" for economic gain, to win a football game, or for an official military operation, have all become so widespread it is considered normal. When unsanctioned, those who tap into this particular state for good or for ill can be considered inherently out of bounds. Not all "stark raving madness" is good, but I know that breaking with what is called "normal" for the greater good may at times look like "stark raving madness."

We've come up with some of the suggested alternatives listed at the start of this essay, using good old-fashioned plain English. Each phrase and word has difficulties of its own. There are many creative ways to address this. Perhaps you have some suggestions yourself, let us know.

Let s try a new technique: to describe the life cycle below, simply answer the six questions written below it. Don t worry about the introduction or overview we can add those later.

Ironically, today, psychiatry's own official label bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, does not refer to the phrase "mental illnesses," but to mental disorders. Even inside the DSM, which psychiatry generally believes albeit falsely to be scientific, they do not use the phrase "mentally ill" in diagnosing, so it is actually scientifically impossible, by psychiatry's own standards, to be officially "diagnosed mentally ill."

Unfortunately, my writing task 7 course might not be finished until the end of summer, possibly even October. I 8767 m not sure when my writing task 6 will be ready. It takes me quite a lot of time to film and edit the lessons. As soon as a lesson is ready, I 8767 ll post a notice.
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8775 Regarding 8776 is used without the preposition 8775 to 8776 . You can use 8775 With regard to 8776 or 8775 Regarding 8776 but you can 8767 t have 8775 Regarding to 8776 . Try to avoid grammar errors.

Thank you so much for the service provide by you for IELTS students. You have use the words 8775 British and French 8776 in your model essay. However, in the question they did not say that the amount spent by Citizens of those countries. There might be a possibility that others (Expats) also consumed these items in those countries. It may be the silly question that I am asking you But I just want to know whether we can slightly go out from the question (if it is not material)???

It is clear that average global prices of both food and oil rose considerably between 7555 and 7566, although many price fluctuations can be seen during those 66 years. Furthermore, the trends for both commodities are very similar, and so a strong correlation is suggested.

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