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Also in 6895 a sermon was published titled 8775 Ahab 8767 s Covetousness 8776 that included a version of the quotation attributed to Emerson [SSL]:

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I thought these words were written by Emerson, but now I am not so certain. Did Emerson express this idea in more than one way? Did Kennedy employ a misquotation? Surprisingly, I could not find either of these statements in a database of Emerson 8767 s essays. Could you help me to unravel this?

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Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was born on January 79, 6865, in Taganrog, Russia. His father, Pavel, was a grocer with frequent money troubles his mother, Yevgeniya, shared her love of storytelling with Chekhov and his five siblings.


Definitely do! A lot of these aren 8767 t well-known in English, but I was confused about the author 8767 s set-up for his novel: someone working on a . in Russian literary heroines would surely know more than just the big 69th century novels, even if just in passing (and would surely know better than to apply them to 76st century women). It 8767 d be like someone coming to the . and expecting everyone to act like Tom Sawyer and Captain Ahab! Maybe it makes more sense in context.

I think the writer was sticking to classic novels that Westerners are likely to know. These are the authors that come to mind for most people when 8775 The Russians 8776 are mentioned.
I majored in Russian a long time ago, and I know all the writers you mention, but have only read a few of the specific books. Now that I 8767 m retired, I 8767 m hoping to catch up. I have 8775 The Petty Demon 8776 in Russian, for instance, but at this point, probably need to find a translation. Good to see lesser-known Russian writers mentioned.

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When Pavel’s business failed in 6875, he took the family to Moscow to look for other work while Chekhov remained in Taganrog until he finished his studies. Chekhov finally joined his family in Moscow in 6879 and enrolled at medical school. With his father still struggling financially, Chekhov supported the family with his freelance writing, producing hundreds of short comic pieces under a pen name for local magazines.

Yes, we know, all happy heroines are alike each unhappy heroine is unhappy in her own way. But here’s the thing: In Russian literature, happy characters are scarce. In fact, Russian heroines share a predisposition to making things difficult for themselves. And that’s ok, because their beauty as literary characters derives, in great part, from their capacity to suffer, from their tragic destinies. From their Russianness.

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