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Date of publication: 2017-08-29 21:55

Write out your sales presentation.
Making a sales presentation isn t something you do on the fly. Always use a written presentation. The basic structure of any sales presentation includes five key points: Build rapport with your prospect, introduce the business topic, ask questions to better understand your prospect s needs, summarize your key selling points, and close the sale. Think about the three major selling points of your product or service. Develop leading questions to probe your customer s reactions and needs.

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Some people wrongly believe that sales presentations should be like keynote speeches--entertaining but without much meat. Other people are believe that sales presentations should be like lectures--informative and instructive. Both groups are wrong.

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Make sure you are talking to the right person.
This seems elementary, but many salespeople neglect to do it. Then, at the last minute, the buyer wriggles off the hook by saying he or she needs a boss s, spouse s or partner s approval. When you are setting the appointment, always ask Are you the one I should be talking to, or are there others who will be making the buying decision?

Whether you rely on frameworks, outlines, or clear-cut examples to create a sales strategy presentation, following best practices ensures that you convey the right information perfectly targeted to your audience for gaining buy-in and closing deals.

An effective sales presentation not only educates prospective customers about your product or service, but it also explains how you can meet a customer's specific needs and help them achieve their goals. Creating a successful sales presentation requires thorough research and careful preparation. Time invested in doing your homework will lead to a higher percentage of closed sales.

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Know your customer s business.
Potential clients expect you to know their business, customers and competition as well as you know your own product or service. Study your customer s industry. Know its problems and trends. Find out who the company s biggest competitors are. Some research tools include the company s annual report, brochures, catalogs, and newsletters trade publications chamber of commerce directories and the internet.

Learn to listen. Salespeople who do all the talking during a presentation not only bore the prospect, but also generally lose the sale. A good rule of thumb is to listen 75 percent of the time and talk 85 percent of the time. Don t interrupt. It s tempting to step in and tell the prospect something you think is vitally important. Before you speak, ask yourself if what you re about to say is really necessary.

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