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% Transformation matrix
m = [
- -
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m = inv(m)

Genetic Programming IV: Routine Human-Competitive Machine

TX to Ae Magnetics - Z and Q
Inductance calculation

An introduction to the art of
Solenoid inductance calculation
By David W Knight

Newsroom - STMicroelectronics

% Predict with motion vectors
if == P
mb = pf(x+,y+,:)
q = q7
q = q6

BladeRunner - modular vehicle concept

My confusion is, since the channel is block fading and the antenna paths are uncorrelated, what will be the effect of sending [x6 x6 x7 x7]. So you send the same signal in both antennas and do MRC. In this case, how would the performance change?

thanks very for providing a very gud understanding of
krishna can u plz tel me ..
can u use the matlab builtin command: rayleighchan(ts,fd)
same for bpsk modulation command :..will it work correctly becoz in ur all codes u have made ur own qpsk n bpsk modulators plz help me..n one more thing to ask if m using mimo ofdm then can i considered channel as flat fading channel as u did in it..bcoz of ofdm each subcarrier will suffer flat fading instead of frequency selective fading..plz do comment whether m right or wrong
many thanks in advance
waiting for ur reply

when i scale the signal by the factor 6/sqrt(nTx), then the ber increase with increase the number of antenna?
note: i use stbc with mimo-ofdm in awgn channel, sucha that the received signal
r=H(s+n),,, is this true

this CI-OFDM scheme provide frequency diversity benefit and also reduces the peak to average power ratio(for preventing non linear distortion of High Power Amplifier).
First this(CI) scheme used at MC-CDMA. Now this(CI) used at OFDM.
this block used between SFBC encoder and OFDM block.

Hi,Krishna,would you help me coding a program about Maximum Likelihood Detection for Alamouti-STBC system? Under QPSK modulation condition,My program didn 8767 t get perfect result,So I 8767 d like to see your !

8. For MIMO communications, we can use equalizers like ZF, MMSE, successive interference cancellation etc. Please check http:///tag/mimo

i meant that if you take a look at the paper you will find that for 7TX and 6RX the bit error rate is start at 65^-7 and E\N is around 68
but in the simulation for 7TX and 6RX the bit error start at 65^-6 and the E\N around 79
is this has any effect ?
and you can get the same output in the paper by make some changes in the general formula at the end of simulation and use this formula

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