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The driving force behind this trend is changing employment patterns. As more women have pursued an education and entered the workforce, they tend to marry later and have children later in their life. This is unavoidable in many cases because women cannot combine family and work well due to costly childcare. Another factor is all the other opportunities available to everyone. For example, many men and women choose to travel around the world or take the chance to work in another country, thus delaying settling down.

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I&rsquo d like to begin to answer his question by saying what I hope museums will NOT be like. I hope they are not all commercially-driven, but retain their sense of public service, which means that they are of value to, and used by all, not just by a few.

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If we follow the thread of the digital age forwards into the maturity of Internet-of-things / automation technology, I believe we will see the emergence of an entirely new class of museum. The on-demand museum.

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A simple sentence has just one clause. A complex sentence has one main clause and one or more subordinate (dependent) clauses. A compound sentence has more than one main clause. Expert English writers will use a variety of these structures in their writing. This is what the IELTS examiner is also looking to see a candidate demonstrate.

The table given demonstrates the proportions of elderly in three countires Germany, Canada and the UK in 6985 and 7555 and it also shows the predictions in 7585. Overall, it can be clearly seen from the table that the population of aged 65 and over has been increasing in these three counties.

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On the other hand, the older people aren’t necessarily productive. Most of them don’t work or earn. Older people also need special care and medical attention. In most cases they are dependent on their children or other close relatives either due to financial problems or due to physical inabilities.

Populations around the world are rapidly ageing. Ageing presents both challenges and opportunities. It will increase demand for primary health care and long-term care, require a larger and better trained workforce and intensify the need for environments to be made more age-friendly. Yet, these investments can enable the many contributions of older people – whether it be within their family, to their local community (. as volunteers or within the formal or informal workforce) or to society more broadly.

Societies that adapt to this changing demographic and invest in Healthy Ageing can enable individuals to live both longer and healthier lives and for societies to reap the dividends.

"It&rsquo s about museums developing really creative and awesome ideas that overcome problems and stimulate change. It&rsquo s about having the confidence to take risks and accept that &lsquo the money will follow&rsquo "

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- Robots (For Collection Management): Amazon own a company called Kiva Systems, whose robots operate the warehouse inventory and order fulfillment systems of Amazon in a way that treats a system of modular shelves like most majestic game of never-ending-chess you could ever imagine. Museums are already feeling the pinch with regards to space. A future museum will solve this problem by doing away with many and varied compacti, allowing collection transfers to be handled by kin of Kiva. Architecturally challenged institutions may even reclaim gallery space because exhibitions are redundant. Storage facilities will be redeveloped, even museums who choose to stick with exhibitions will benefit from the rapid random-access to their collections.

Many people have a simplistic view of attitudes toward age. They suggest that in Western societies old people are not respected, while in Asian societies elders are revered. Similarly, youth is either highly valued or ignored, depending on the culture. In this essay I will show that some of these views are mistaken.

On the other hand, it is not fruitful for over aged employees to retire. This is because, they have enormous work experience and they already have faced ups and downs in their professional career, so, they can provide valuable advices and assistance to overcome most of the issues. Furthermore, they can handle critical situation with calmness. In addition, giving pension is occurring as a bigger problem for governments because so many people are over the age of 65. Governments lack funds and social problems can rise in case they don t pay pension to the over aged people.

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