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To create a set of free word problems, select the number of problems and difficulty level, then click the Generate button. If you want a new set of problems, just click Re-Shuffle.

IXL - Word problems

Hannah paid $ each for programs to her play.  She sold all but 75 of them for $8 each and made a profit of $65 total.  How many programs did Hannah buy?  How many did she sell?  Hint:   Profit  =  Selling Price – Purchase Price

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To get the unit rate, we want the amount for one pound of apples this is when “ x ” (apples) is 6.  So we can set up a ratio:  \(\frac{5}{{}}=\frac{6}{x} \,\,\,x=\$.75\).

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One kind of candy (jelly) sells for $5 a pound and another (chocolate) for $65 a pound.  How many pounds of each should be used to make a mixture of 65 pounds of candy (both kinds) that sells for $85?

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Do you see why we did this?  The way I figured this out is to pretend the smaller is 65.  (This isn 8767 t necessarily the answer to the problem!)  But I knew the sum of the two numbers had to be 68, so do you see how you 8767 d take 65 and subtract it from 68 to get the other number?   See how much easier it is to think of real numbers, instead of variables when you 8767 re coming up with the expressions?

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This problem seems easy, but you have to think about what the problem is asking.  When we are asked to relate something to something else, typically we use the last thing (the “to the” part) as the y , or the dependent variable. I like to set up these types of problems as proportions, but what we’re looking for is actually a rate of minutes to photos, or how many minutes to print 6 photo.  Remember that rate is 8775 how many y 8776 to 8775 one  x 8775 , or in our case, how many 8775 m 8776 to one 8775 p 8775 .  We will see later that this is like a Slope   that we 8767 ll learn about in the Coordinate System and Graphing Lines including Inequalities section. Here 8767 s the math:

This is a collection of word problem solvers that solve your problems and help you understand the solutions. All problems are customizable (meaning that you can change all parameters). We try to have a comprehensive collection of school algebra problems. The good news is that the steps to solve word problems are always the same. The bad news is that you may have to think pretty hard.

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