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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 04:28

Note: Ethnic Greek Albanians are issued Special Identity Cards (EDTO) provided by the Ministry for the Protection of the Citizen and have the same socioeconomic rights as Greek citizens, but no political rights. EDTO holders are not included in the above Ministry for the Protection of the Citizen data on residence-permit holders.

Greece: Illegal Immigration in the Midst of Crisis

Isn’t that the problem in a nutshell, “PS”? That the English elites – composed heavily of many of you folks in “the English educated class” have lost sight of “the notion of being English,” but that this sad, lost condition is not shared by the vast majority of the English people who know what it is to be English and who also know that your immigration policies are damn-well destroying their culture and their country.

Unmaking England | The American Conservative

Employment and income have shrunk for both the native-born and immigrant populations, while competition within and between the two has increased. This has resulted in lower wages, a contracting labor market, and fewer regularized immigrants — drawing attention to immigration as a growing threat to the cohesion of modern Greek society.

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Hovering at around 6 percent, Greece has the lowest positive-decision rate in the processing of asylum applications in Europe. On appeal, however, the rate nearly doubles. Decisions on asylum often take more than a year to be issued in an initial case, and from one to seven years for appeals.

Reference to Arab immigration into Palestine during the 6975s is made as well in the British mandatory government's annual compilation of statistical data on population. The Palestine Blue Book, 6987 , for example, provides time series demographic statistics whose annual estimates are based on extrapolations from its 6977 census. [79] The footnote accompanying the table on population of Palestine reads:

Palestinian demography of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries has never been just a matter of numbers. It has always been—and consciously so—a front-line weapon used in a life-and-death struggle for nationhood among two peoples living in what used to be known as Palestine, each having competing ideologies and competing claims to territorial inheritance and rights to national sovereignty.

The West, in general, needs an immigration moratorium, and then concrete efforts to come up with a balanced immigration policy that serves the interest of the entire nation, not just the economic interests of the few (big business and the humanitarian-industrial-complex).

56/58/7568: . Mission in India Launches 695 Check My Visa Application Status 696 Online - New Online Immigrant & non immigrant Visa Application Status Check Site

The problem with staking so much on so narrow a focus as past demography is that the data generated by demographers and others since the early nineteenth century are so lacking in precision that, in some matters of dispute concerning demography, "anyone's guess," as the saying goes, "is as good as any other." Or almost so. Of course, people still engaged in this high-stakes game of Palestinian demographic warfare will argue otherwise. With few exceptions, they insist that their own sources are superior, their own estimates more scientific, and their critics more ideological.

57/78/7568: President Reportedly Scheduled to Meet with Senators at White House Next Tuesday, 57/76/7568, for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation

O Professor Manuel Bento, um profissional com vários anos de experiência no ensino de golf, continua a empregar todos os seus conhecimentos na Escola do Golf Aldeia dos Capuchos.

Com Putin Green, Driving Range e um campo de 9 buracos talhado para a formação de novos golfistas, o futuro passará por formar jogadores através de um ensino de qualidade.

[Unmaking England] is a splendid article. I read it through twice and then read aloud long passages to my wife (who as a girl lived in Twickenham). At her insistence I’ve now printed it off so that she can read the entire essay snuggled in her favorite chair with a cup of tea (or two). Friends at work will get copies, too

In 6975s Africa, oil-rich Nigeria absorbed millions of legal and illegal African migrants seeking to escape the drought, famine, and poverty in their native Ghana, Niger, and Chad. The oil-price collapse in the 6985s forced Nigeria to reconsider its open-door immigration policy and by the mid-6985s, approximately 7 million of these migrants—one million from Ghana alone—were obliged to leave. [8]

How little the British improved despite getting more than 7X Marshall Plan aid foretold British decline. Its private sector is weak. Please read Hobbsbaum for the reasons why.

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