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Overwatch features characters with body types and backgrounds that are not often seen in pop culture, let alone first person shooters. For many of us who rarely see ourselves reflected in media, this cast can seem radical and even life-changing—especially in my case. Zarya, Overwatch ’s Russian strong-woman tank, inspired me to start weightlifting.

Boloco – globally inspired burritos

Now I’m an introvert. Always have been. Personally, I only like to be around people for about an hour or two a day, with the exception of my girl and my children, which I like to be around A LOT

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We spend most of our time working on some imaginary Time Machine that takes us off to the historic worlds of coulda, shoulda, woulda and the futuristic lands of ‘that’s gonna suck’, ‘I hope not’ and ‘I can’t wait for whatever the fuck’. All a more fake than an episode of CSI Miami, or wherever they film that damn thing

27 Kinds of Karate People That Annoy Me Greatly

AW: Yeah, we’ve got $5 million of our own money into it, so that’s definitely—we’ve made an investment. And we have an emotional investment, too, because we think the story is fantastic, and if we can’t make it in one form, we’ll make it in another form. Somehow, it will get made into some… thing. That might be a puppet show. [Laughs.]

Hi Cathe. I 8767 m a big fan of yours, love this site so much. Feel inspired and very eager to get started on my own projects every time I come here 🙂 So thank you for that. I was wondering if you would make another cigarbox? I love the one I have made already 8
Just checked out your work space pictures and saw how you organize with the cigar boxes love it! And what a great place to be creative 🙂
Best wishes Stine

True joy comes from living in the wonderment of it all, having the mind of a newborn, taking things in and staying away from labels, judgements and the dubious feeling of somehow being more of a person because of the shit you know.

I love your website!!! Thank you so much for your work, it 8767 s beautiful and I can 8767 t wait to work these images in my scrapbooks and crafts. Thank you.

Man, your blog is great! Many good thoughts and i like your way of writing! Keep going! And you write about training. I often cheat this way on running. I say to myself 8775 just a slow jog 8776 and then after i warmed up i don 8767 t want to screw it, so I run as far as i can:) and never regret!

I knew that I wanted to make the biggest impact in other people's lives, so this is when I decided to invest $655,555 in training DIRECTLY from Tony. NOW, I get to train people from all around the world, each of whom are exploding in their lives and their businesses. It is truly humbling to know that this is my mission in life - to positively impact the lives of millions around the world to lead happy and prosperous lives.

For example, if you’re scared to go approach people about a new business opportunity you have, Friday night you may feel it’ll be a cinch. But come Monday morning when it’s time to get off your ass and actually do it, the fear can seem almost paralyzing. And for many people, it is… or at least they allow it be.

AW: Yeah, and for me it’s, No. 6, who wants to talk endlessly about themselves? I don’t. [Laughs.] I’m not a celebrity. And the second thing is, you go through the whole rigmarole of making the film. It’s four years on Cloud Atlas , and so I sort of resent the fact that now I have to sit down and explain it to people. It’s like the whole dialogue has been lost about… When I was a kid, we would go to movies as a family, and then we’d sit down and talk about them. I feel like this is the instantaneous-gratification generation, where they can just look it up and say, “Oh, well, this is what it means.” Our movies require a little bit of effort.

If you’re in a situation where you’re unable to do something you love for a living, like let’s say, you have 6 kids and you make decent money at the factory it insures your family lives well. And what you really love to do is play soccer, but you’re just not good enough at it to make a living doing it. Then play soccer on weekends, coach your kid 8767 s soccer teams after work, play soccer in the yard with your kids as often as you can… whatever you do, play fucking soccer.

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