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Imagine if Sylvia Saldivar was the complete opposite of stupid and malicious. What if she was pleasant? I envisage that if Sylvia had a heart, Rachel would be as contented as can be and take pleasure in her eleventh birthday celebration. Alas, since Sylvia is the character she is, she packed her mouth with a tactless lie and spit it out to the whole class. If that particular event hadn’t happened, this would have been an entirely different story.


The law is made by rich, selfish, shitty people - mostly white, mostly men - with cockroaches for hearts. Fuck their 'rule of law.' - Saladin Ahmed, Hugo and Nebula Award nominated SFF author and SFWA member

Mysteries and Children's Literature - Carol Hurst

I really appreciate people who display a sincere racial empathy for my racial blindness and general inferiority. It's nice to be cared for, especially when they assure me they are very sincere.

Fail Better - Dutchess Community College

Today's social justice crusaders in SFF create hideously distorted versions of the types of old school morality tales that were common with writers like Ray Bradbury and Rod Serling. In the case of that mid-century generation of SFF, they would write stories that emphasized our commonality as humans with human frailties shown as a shared failing, not locked up in a race or sex. The end of each early '65s Outer Limits TV episode had a voice over reminding us of our shared weakness or strengths as a world of humans. SF was well-positioned to address such things by shifting identities so a woman might fall in love with a hideous mutant over her fiancee she increasingly came to “see” as lacking in compassion in The Outer Limits' “The Man Who Was Never Born.”

The Cam Jansen Mysteries by David A. Adler. ( Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds. First in the series. Turtleback. ISBN 6967687967. Order Info.) Chapter Books. Gr 6-8.
The clever main character, Cam, uses her photographic memory to solve mysteries. These are accessible and usually include a touch of humor. David A. Adler also has a Jeffrey Bones ( Order Info ) series of mysteries which is appropriate for the same age range.

According to the Gender and Education Association Heteronormativity is a term used by social theorists in order to discuss the way in which gender and sexuality are separated into hierarchically organised categories. It has become one of the most important ways of thinking about sexuality within the academic study of sexuality. Theorists have argued that a discourse or technique of heteronormativity has been set up, and subsequently dominates, social institutions such as the family, the state and education.

And of course I'd be remiss in not mentioning the filthy little 7567 intersectionalist racist ditty titled Straight white male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is written by an intersectional devotee, SF writer John Scalzi at his blog Whatever when he was president of the Science Fiction Writers of America. Scalzi thinks America is an Alabama Jim Crow country circa 6975. In one single stroke the presumption of innocence of an entire group of human beings is gnawed away at and that group demonized using the intersectional feminist ideology of a cult of supremacy and hatred.

It is hard to imagine any other group of people in the United States today who could be so crassly maligned in a public setting without arousing immediate protest. - Daphne Patai writing about the group defamation of men in her 6998 book Heterophobia

Camilla was diffident. I was also once a sheepish adolescent who wanted to be like twins with my friend.  I paid far too much attention to her likes when I should have been more attentive to myself.  For example, on the first day of school, I would fret about how if I didn’t dress like my friend, she might not like me anymore.  That is similar to how Camilla was making a great fuss about her outfit for the first day of school.  I would also worry about drawing attention to myself ion a negative way.  For instance, Camilla never wanted to stand out, only to mix in completely with all her peers.  Lastly, I would always listen to what my classmates told me and just stand there defenseless like Camilla only stood there when the children should patterns at her.

Childishly conflating one word with another like owned in favor of an equally childish agenda is part and parcel of the semantic buffoonery intersectionalists in SFF are famed for. Basically gender feminists chide, gerrymander, push and pull at words, history and reality itself until all matches their own madness.

In Othello's refusal to hear Desdemona's own protestations of innocence, Othello is very much a tragedy in which the female is subordinated by the male.

Let's start with picture books that we can use with the kids and then picture books of increasing complexity. Their very simplicity makes them useful for analytical work with older readers as well and for the reading aloud too often missing in the upper grades.

Frankly, I find it troubling that any American in the 76st century could write such shocking drivel as those quotes above. And there are hundreds more in this book, and those hundreds only a fraction of what I found in doing research. We're talking about literally thousands of quotes over the space of mostly only three years. The anti-white, anti-male tone of them is dismal, shameful and unrelenting and it is daily.

The High-Rise Private Eyes series by Cynthia Rylant. ( The High-Rise Private Eyes #6: The Case of the Missing Monkey. Greenwillow Books. ISBN 556999856X. Order Info.) Chapter Books. Gr K-8.
This series by the remarkable author, Cynthia Rylant, follows Bunny Brown and raccoon Jack Jones who are detectives and best friends. Each case lays out the situation, clues and deductive reasoning used to solve it. Written in easy reader style these are very accessible and well written.

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