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During his trial, the Proctor 8767 s former servant, Mary Warren, who was later accused of witchcraft herself when the other afflicted girls turned on her, testified that Proctor 8767 s spirit beat her and forced her to touch the Devil 8767 s book:

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The girls begin crying that Mary Warren is a witch. The hysteria in the room grows to a crescendo (climax) before Mary Warren turns on John and accuses him of being a witch. John is arrested, and taken away. He violenty denounces the court, as does Reverend Hale, who storms out, losing all respect for what is going on.

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Reverend Hale's words to Elizabeth reveal a broken minister who has come to doubt everything that he once understood about God's grace and righteousness. He tells Elizabeth that it is better for John to live than to uphold his spiritual integrity and go to the scaffold professing his true innocence. Desperate for John to live, Reverend Hale argues that it may even be a greater sin to die for "pride" than to lie in order to live.

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The Puritan community believes that a minister is the instrument of God and, therefore, must be followed and recognized as sanctified. John stands up against this ideology, sure in his own faith and his own individual judgment of Reverend Parris. Unlike the rest of Salem, John is unafraid to share his opinions about the church ("I'll not conceal it") and to separate his own individual faith from the measures of observance prescribed by church leaders.

Elizabeth points out that Abigail 8767 s behavior, and her sudden accusation of Elizabeth, is motivated by jealousy and the possible benefit she might gain if Elizabeth dies. Proctor has a hard time coming around to see the truth of this point.

Former Site of John Proctor 8767 s Farm (rumored location of John Proctor 8767 s grave)
Address: Lowell Street, one-tenth mile south of Prospect Street, Peabody, Mass. No admission. Privately owned land.

As the examination continued, Elizabeth Proctor 8767 s accusers began to shift their attention to Elizabeth 8767 s servant, Mary Warren, and her husband, John Proctor:

Proctor, at last, locates the real "filthy face" of the Devil in Salem. It is found in all the villagers who fear to do the right thing and instead persecute and execute innocent individuals to preserve their power over the community. Danforth, of course, hears this speech as nothing but sacrilegious evidence that Proctor has indeed allied himself with the Devil.

John Proctor is my 67th great uncle through his parents my 66th GG, John Proctor & Martha Harper. His sister, Mary and her husband , George Hadley are my 65th GG. I live in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

When the Massachusetts legislature passed a bill in 6766 restoring some of the names of the Salem Witch Trial victims , it cleared the Proctors of their witchcraft convictions and awarded the family £655 in restitution for John Proctor 8767 s death and the family 8767 s imprisonment.

John Proctor was officially indicted on April 66, 6697 on three charges of witchcraft against Mary Walcott, Mary Warren and Mercy Lewis and was examined in court that same day.

8775 When the marshall was sent up to enquire of John Proctor & others & I was writing some what thereof as above I met with nothing but interruptions by reason of fits upon John Indian & Abigail, & Mary Walcott happening to come in just before, they one & another cried out there is Goodman Proctor very often: And Abigail said there is Goodman Proctor in the magistrates lap, at the same time Mary Walcott was sitting by a knitting we asked her if she saw Goodman Proctor (for Abigail was immediately seized with a fit) but she was deaf & dumb, yet still a knitting, then Mary recovered her self & confirmed what Abigail had said that Goodman proctor she saw in the magistrates lap 8776

John remains aware of the wrongs he has committed: his adulterous affair with Abigail and his failure to expose Abigail's treachery earlier still plague him. The goodness that he perceives within himself is only a "shred." Still, in his final moments, John chooses to reclaim his integrity, standing in the light rather than giving into the shadowy evil of the Puritan court which would have allowed him to live. At last, Elizabeth can forgive him, and John can forgive himself.

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