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PAM, PPM, PWM Modulation and Demodulation Trainer ST2110

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I am cse student. Please suggest me with few outstanding and interested topics that collaborates with any good and latest technology.
Thank You

An Automated System for Grading EEG Abnormality in Term

Researchers at the University of Nottingham have begun the work of establishing a safe dose in asthma patients with human hookworm, the results of which are pending publication. In the meantime, additional studies were being published suggesting that the benefit of the intestinal helminths might be broader than originally thought.

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

b) Counting the number of error. That piece of code looks funny. Did not understand the need for ber and ber7.
Should be easy for you to figure out.

What Is I/Q Data - National Instruments

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I am working on an adaptive modulation model on Simulink. For that first I am trying to get probability of error rate vs snr of different modulation techniques. On modelling 66 QAM modem I have problem plotting its graph by getting bit err rate from simulink model and performing graph plotting on matlab. following is the code im using in matlab..

You can explain about its usefulness, file extension, other characteristics like non editable, look and feel etc. You can also compare it with other file formats, different software to read PDFs.
It 8767 s definitely a very useful tool but not a crowd puller.
Good luck..!


I am working on Forward error correction codes. I have plotted the BER performance curve for Reed solomon codes using BPSK modulation over an AWGN channel from EbNo 5 6. However, the curves are overlapping at the begining between EbNo values 5 and 6 and also in the middle.

Chronic intake of vitamin A that greatly exceeds the recommended daily allowance leads to clinical manifestations of hypervitaminosis A with toxic effects to the central nervous system, liver, bone, and skin (Goodman, '89). The toxicity of retinoids has been reviewed (Underwood, '89 Howard and Willhite, '86).

I was working on a IEEE paper titled 8776 Xiaodi Zhang and . Beaulieu, 8775 A Closed-Form BER Expression for BPSK Using MRC in Correlated CCI and Rayleigh Fading, 8776 IEEE Trans. Communications, vol. 55, no. 67, pp. 7799-7757, Dec. 7557. 8776 .
Since you have also worked on similar field, I hope u can help me..

There are number of topics related to ECE listed on this page. Please visit. http:///technical-papers/electronics-technical-papers-technical-papers-7/electronics-paper-topics

hello Krishna Pillai!
I 8767 m a student in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. I 8767 m searching about 8775 the impact of real channel over MiMo system 8776 . your code is useful. So, we assume that receiver is unknown h matrix and we must explore channel by channel estimation. Do you help me?
Hope you will response me!

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