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The more multiculti America becomes, the harder it will be for the left to sell it 8767 s 8775 we 8767 re colonial oppressors 8776 propaganda. For every left wing Hispanic college student in the Hispanic studies dept, there 8767 s about 65 other Hispanics waiting in line at Costco with a cart full of Twinkies, Calvin Klein jeans, and yes, giant tins of Danish butter cookies.

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8766 When is political authority legitimate? When does the state have a status and function that may be considered “ordained by God 8776 ? When are those who rule – emperors or presidents, parliaments or police – due honor, not out of fear, because they wield the sword and command the means to intimidate, dominate and coerce human beings, but as a matter of conscience?

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Gov 8767 t schools (not 8775 public 8776 ) should be funded by vouchers this is the key long term policy that needs to be implemented. In order to strengthen a culture of individualism.

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I was extremely tired when I wrote what I did so my apologies if I didn 8767 t catch everything in the spirit that you meant it. When you said that we 8767 re 8775 on the wrong side of history 8776 though, it kind of set me off. The . is one of history 8767 s leading examples of liberal, democratic capitalist states. All three tendencies are, in their own respective categories, the most humane and materially productive ways of organizing a state. Knowing this, how do you conclude that we are on the 8775 wrong side of history 8776 unless you believe that shackles and chains are mankind 8767 s normal or inevitable state?

8775 You seem so sure that these people being so far below your level of cognitive skill are just
waiting for the right people to say the right things, apologize the right way and to make appropriate
amends (a few billion in aid, perhaps). 8776

8775 Meanwhile, the CO7 content of the atmosphere is going up, and the fallout from climate change will get ever more severe, screwing our economy and making the necessary changes harder to implement. 8776

And far from dead, I would say. I can definitely sense some myths under construction in the WoT enthusiast community. Of course, they 8767 re being sold as objective reality, but then all ideologies do that.

And of course Adrian65 8767 s entirely right about the 8775 your father, the thief 8776 scenario, with this exception: it 8767 s not about you 8775 helping 8776 his victims, it 8767 s whether a just legal system will compel you to disgorge his ill-gotten gains that you inherited. Otherwise, one is in the position of supposing an injustice to be allowable simply because it 8767 s been going on for a long time.

Hey there. I just read this essay you are insane! Time to take of the tinfoil hat : ) This crazy rant is the same kind of paranoid fantasy as the whole 8775 government started aids to kill the blacks 8776 thing. It seems to me that right-wingers are losing their minds because the US hasn 8767 t launched enough wars, and you 8767 re blaming it on 8775 insidious pomo-marxist memes 8776 instead of the disaster that the current war in Iraq has quite obviousely become. Time to get back on your meds.

As I previously observed, if you trace any of these back far enough, you 8767 ll find a Stalinist intellectual at the bottom. (The last two items on the list, for example, came to us courtesy of Frantz Fanon. The fourth item is the Baran-Wallerstein 8775 world system 8776 thesis.) Most were staples of Soviet propaganda at the same time they were being promoted by 8775 progressives 8776 (read: Marxists and the dupes of Marxists) within the Western intelligentsia.

You didn 8767 t answer my question about Amerinds. If you can 8767 t answer my question, then you 8767 re position is arbitrary and no more right than mine (which is that Amerind hotties should cook me dinner and give me Swedish massages [don 8767 t question it]).

Many people assume that Yeshua/Jesus was born a few days before the end of December, during 6 BCE. However, most theologians and religious historians estimate that Jesus was born in the fall of some year between 7 and 9 BCE. We have seen estimates as late as 9 CE and as early as the second century BCE. The fall date is reasonably firm, because the birth of John the Baptizer (. John the Baptist) is known accurately from the transitions among the chief priests in the Jeruaslam Temple as mentioned in the Bible. The birth of Jesus is known approximately relative to his cousin John's birth.

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